Anonymous Reporting of Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Monroe County Clerk of the Court & Comptroller Office of Internal Audit has a Hotline to provide a confidential and anonymous way for employees, taxpayers, vendors, and others to report questionable practices that reflect poorly on the County.

Internal Audit cannot investigate complaints involving civil litigation, judges, attorneys, immigration, or criminal cases. These types of complaints must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency.

Appropriate Matters for the Hotline

- Abuse of authority or position
- Bribes/kickbacks/acceptance of gratuities
- Conflicts of interest or ethics violations
- Illegal acts like theft or fraud
- Procurement issues
- Misuse or abuse of County property or time
- Gross misconduct, incompetence, inefficiency, or waste
- Substantial safety/public health issue/concerns

Methods for Reporting a Concern

There are five ways to anonymously reporting a concern with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office of Internal Audit:

  1. (1) Phone (305) 786-5760

  2. (2) Fax (305) 295-3681

  3. (3) Email – please note, your email address will be known. Under Florida Law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in the event of a public records request, please report your concern by an alternative method.

  4. (4) U.S. Mail

Office of Internal Audit - Confidential
P. O. Box 1980
500 Whitehead Street,
Key West, FL 33040

  1. (5) On-line form available at the Clerk’s website (see below).

Instructions for Reporting a Concern

Describe your concern with as much detail as possible. The reporting of a concern should answer the following questions:

Who? Who was involved? Provide names, addresses, phone numbers of those who were involved

What? What happened? Summarize events and other available evidence of what occurred

Where? Where did it happen? Provide location, city, state, etc.

When? When did it happen? Provide date, time and/or frequency

Why? Why was it done? Provide any known motive or other factual events

How? How did it happen? What was the scheme? What set of circumstances led to the events in question?

Important: Please provide as much detail as possible. Vague allegations may not allow for a proper investigation. Providing supporting documentation directly related to the complaint assists in timely preliminary review and a more efficient investigation, if warranted.

Upon receipt of a complaint, a preliminary review of the allegations is made to determine jurisdiction and the probability that the alleged acts could have occurred. Credible complaints outside of the Clerk’s Internal Audit Office are referred to the appropriate agency. Program-related, personnel, or administrative matters often do not result in an investigation being opened. In these situations, we refer the complaint, when appropriate, to the proper County department. Complainants who provide contact information receive notification whether the complaint will be investigated.

By virtue of the Whistle-blower’s Act, Act, employees who report suspected wrongdoing or fraudulent activities meeting the definition in the Whistle-blower’s Act (Sections 112.3187 – 112.31895, Florida Statutes) are protected from retaliation by management or other employees.

Referrals are made to the State Attorney when evidence suggests that a criminal activity has or may have occurred.

On-Line Form To Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse