Injunctions for Protection

The law offers protection for victims of acts of violence. Victims have the right to petition that an injunction be filed against the person inflicting the violence. An injunction orders a person to do specific things or to stop doing specific things.

The Clerk’s Office is authorized by law to provide clerical assistance for preparing and filing a petition for an injunction.

A victim of Domestic or Repeat Violence should come in person to one of the following location:
Monroe County Courthouse

Clerk of Court

500 Whitehead Street

Key West, FL 33040


Monroe County Courthouse

Clerk of Court

3117 Overseas Highway

Marathon, FL 33050


Plantation Key Courthouse

Clerk of Court

88770 Overseas Highway Ste 2

Plantation Key, FL 33070


Assistance will be provided in filing the necessary paperwork.

After the paperwork has been completed, it will be submitted to a Judge to review. If it is determined that you are in danger of being victimized, a temporary injunction order will be signed. This order can be obtained on the same day without an appearance before the judge. The temporary injunction is valid until the hearing date.

If your petition is granted the Judge will sign an Order Granting The Temporary Injunction For Protection. That order will state the date and time that you must appear for the final hearing. Both parties are required to appear. At the hearing the judge will determine if a permanent injunction is good indefinitely, or until dissolved by the court.

Any violations of the injunction should be reported to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department immediately.

Other Numbers that could be of assistance:


Upper Keys: 786-734-7898

Middle Keys: 305-240-0943

Lower Keys: 305-743-7317

Family Access Center: 305-294-4532

Family Court: 305-295-3643

Domestic Safety Program: 305-743-9588


Upper Keys: 305-853-3211

Middle Keys: 305-289-2430

Lower Keys & Key West: 305-292-7090